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We are an all-volunteer nonprofit, so 100% of your donation will go directly where it is needed most: sustainable research to increase our knowledge of white sharks and better protect them, our Summer Camp Scholarship Program, educational materials, public outreach and school talks to increase awareness, assisting local towns to improve public safety. 


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Where your donations go:

Program & Activity Costs:

  • Spotter plane (one hour): $250
  • Summer camp scholarship: $250-$475
  • Acoustic tag: $400
  • Gills Club newsletter (one month): $500
  • Buoy: $600
  • Acoustic receiver repair: $800
  • Acoustic receiver: $1500
  • Education materials: $2500 (one year)
  • Vessel Fuel: $3500 (one season)
  • Real-time receiver: $4000
  • PSAT tag: $5000