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Your donation will go directly where it is needed most: sustainable research to increase our knowledge of white sharks, our STEM-based education initiative for girls, Summer Camp Scholarship Program, educational materials, public outreach and school talks to increase awareness, assisting local towns to improve public safety. 


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$1,000 donors have the rare opportunity to name a white shark! 

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Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, PO Box 2721, Orleans, MA 02653. 

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Where your donations go:

Program & Activity Costs:

  • Spotter plane (one hour): $250
  • Summer camp scholarship: $250-$475
  • Acoustic tag: $400
  • Gills Club newsletter (one month): $500
  • Buoy: $600
  • Acoustic receiver repair: $800
  • Acoustic receiver: $1500
  • Education materials: $2500 (one year)
  • Vessel Fuel: $3500 (one season)
  • Real-time receiver: $4000
  • PSAT tag: $5000