Our ocean is probably the singular most important source of livelihoods here on Cape Cod. Fisherman and shell fisherman directly rely on these waters, but the rest of the economic players in our community indirectly depend on our ocean. Those who work in hotels, restaurants, cafes, gift shops, tour companies and galleries, for example, indirectly depend on visitors, who come to Cape Cod for our beautiful beaches. Our year-round resident population is built upon an economy that that cannot be separate from our tourism sector, and the ocean is the magnet that brings people to our sandbar. 

Furthermore, apex predators play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and balanced marine eco-system.  The question of how we can peacefully coexist and enjoy our oceans with the growing presence of white sharks relies squarely on the research that  we are undertaking, in collaboration with other organizations. Knowledge about the great whites will help us build a sustainable future for Cape Codders and our visitors. We are actively seeking this knowledge while maintaining a firm commitment to conserve a vulnerable and yet critical species.