Sharktivity App

With the collaboration of Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, the Cape Cod National Seashore, and officials from Cape Cod and South Shore towns, we developed the Sharktivity app. Users are provided information on white shark sightings, detections, and movements. As always, AWSC’s goal is to raise awareness and help facilitate the peaceful coexistence between humans and white sharks.

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The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is the region’s leading white shark research non-profit organization. Since 2013, we have provided funding and resources for the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries' studies, led by state marine biologist Dr. Greg Skomal, to get a more accurate picture of shark movements as well as how many sharks take up seasonal residency in the waters off Cape Cod. In 2019, a new wave of research to better understand shark behavior began.



While sharks are awesome, they are also misunderstood. Many equate shark behavior with what has been shown in the infamous “JAWS” movie or with sensational stories presented in the media. AWSC’s mission to provide education to school-aged children and the public at large focuses on science-based information, debunking myths about white sharks and incorporating in a holistic understanding of marine ecosystems.