On the Water with AWSC!


Receiver Excursions

Spend an hour cruising the beautiful Chatham Harbor. Head out to the lighthouse and explore the sandbars where grey seals haul out, looking for evidence of a predation. Guests will have the opportunity to bring up a shark receiver and analyze the data to find out if any tagged white sharks have passed through.


White Shark Expeditions

In partnership with Chatham Bars Inn, the AWSC offers White Shark Expeditions, providing guests with the opportunity to become part of an elite group of adventurers as they witness the apex predators in their natural habitat, preying on the local grey seals, and get a first-hand understanding of AWSC’s efforts to study the species to conserve Cape Cod's biologically diverse marine ecosystem. 


Expedition White Sharks & Whales

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation and the AWSC host two exciting trips in September to raise both money and awareness towards our mutual goal of ocean conservation.


Cage Diving in Guadalupe

Join AWSC and Nautilus Liveaboards on an adventure of a lifetime! On this five day excursion, you’ll spend three full days cage diving with white sharks off Guadalupe Island, Mexico.