If you are a regular beach walker in the keys just south of Miami, please keep a look out for a shark tag that has washed onto the beach!

The type of tag is called a MiniPSAT (Pop-Up Satellite Archival Tag).  These tags record position, depth, and temperature.  This tag was attached to white shark "Salacia" this past summer and has been collecting data since July 3rd!  These data are archived in the tag which eventually releases itself from the shark, floating to the surface, and (hopefully) drifting to shore.  In this case, the tag has done exactly what it should, now we just need someone to find it!

The last known location of the tag was here (map below).

last known location of the mini-PAT

There is a cash reward for the person lucky enough to find the tag - so beach combers keep an eye out!  Below is a picture of what the MiniPSAT looks like:   

MiniPSAT example

There is contact information written on the tag, but if it's too gunky to read, please contact us on our Facebook page! Thank you for your help and happy tag hunting!

If you would like to support our shark tagging campaigns, please consider making a donationAll donations fund shark conservation, research, and public safely programs.