Orleans, MA – Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, a Cape Cod-based nonprofit committed to raising public awareness of white sharks, announced the appointment of Joe Romeiro to the organization’s board of directors.

“Joe makes his home in New England and through his film and photography has been a leader in the world’s important conservation efforts to understand and protect sharks. We look forward to engaging his talents to further our mission,” said Cynthia Wigren, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy President.

Joe Romeiro developed a love for the ocean at a young age. After seeing his first shark at age 5, he has been captivated by them ever since. Joe founded 333 Productions in 2007 with fellow producer & shark advocate Bill Fisher. Since then, 333 Productions has produced several award‐winning films and has received numerous honors for their work, including the “Ocean Inspiration Award” from a panel of esteemed judges and industry professionals in a competition sponsored by Celine Cousteau. The video honored the life of her Grandfather, Jacques Cousteau.

In 2012, Joe made his debut on Discovery Channel’s SHARKWEEK, appearing in “How JAWS Changed The World” as on‐camera talent, as well as underwater cinematographer for the episode. That same year, 333 Productions was asked by Shark Savers conservation organization to collaborate on a video tribute to the late Peter Benchley, author of JAWS. It combined Joe’s mesmerizing footage of Great White sharks, along with the words and conservation message of Peter Benchley.

Joe Romeiro is a member of the Explorers Club and Ocean Artists Society. His cinematography has been featured on Discovery Networks, National Geographic, Sharkweek, Fox, and various other T.V. productions and programs. Joe also runs Pelagic Expeditions out of Rhode Island, which specializes in blue and mako shark encounters.

“I am pleased to join Cynthia and the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy as a Board member and be an ambassador for the organization,” Romeiro said. "The Conservancy comes at a critical juncture for white shark research in the Atlantic. We are very lucky to have an untouched home for white sharks and can learn from what others have done around the world to promote responsible policy. We can also build on media attention about Cape Cod’s white sharks to educate our public and ensure humans and sharks can coexist.” 

About Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy supports scientific research, improves public safety, and promotes shark education. More information is available at: www.atlanticwhiteshark.org