The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has received inquiries from educators looking to include shark education in their classrooms. We believe that building an understanding of shark science helps to lessen the fear of them, and help to ensure the next generation will know their importance and help in conservation efforts. We have developed educational videos and curriculum resources that you can download for free to use in your classroom. If you would like to take your lesson plan a step further and try a skype call with a scientists, schedule an in school program, or help us in creating further resources, please email our Education Director, Marianne Long, at

Sharktivities: Printable worksheets for classrooms, camps, or after school programs. Download HERE

Shark Heroes: Printable infographics introducing youth to shark scientists and the work they do. Click HERE to view the multiple issues of this free download for youth of all ages to read and learn from.

Grade 3 Shark Unit: A full unit on sharks that is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Download HERE.

Algebra- Calculating White Shark Populations: An algebra lesson created using mock data to help students use data to formulate a population estimate. Download full lesson and answer key HERE

Educational Videos

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has produced several educational videos to be used in the classroom or at home. Youth can further their knowledge of sharks and learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about sharks. 

What is a shark?

What is a shark? How are sharks different than other marine animals? Learn the answers to these questions and further your understanding of shark biology with this animated video. This video was produced by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and BZGibson Productions.