• Chatham Bars Inn (map)
  • 297 Shore Road
  • Chatham, MA, 02633
  • United States


In partnership with Chatham Bars Inn, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is offering White Shark Expeditions, providing guests with the opportunity to shadow the team of scientists conducting research off the coast of Cape Cod. Visitors and locals alike can take a seat aboard the resort’s vessels with Michelle Wcisel from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and watch the research team as they work to identify and potentially tag individual great white sharks.

Participants will become part of an elite group of adventurers as they witness the apex predators in their natural habitat, preying on the local grey seal, and get a first-hand understanding of AWSC’s efforts to conserve the species and ensure biologically diverse marine ecosystems. 

Expeditions run twice daily, Mondays and Thursdays from July 2 to October 18, and are weather permitting. As the only tours offered on the Cape that directly benefit white shark research, a large portion of the trip fee is tax deductible. Registration for the trip includes participants’ entrance at The Chatham Shark Center™.  

Great White Shark Expeditions are $2500 (up to five passengers). To learn more and book your expedition, email michelle@atlanticwhiteshark.org.

Note - White shark sightings are not guaranteed. You do not need to be a guest at the Chatham Bars Inn to book an Expedition but we highly recommend staying there! 

 Image by Wayne Davis

Image by Wayne Davis



Michelle is Atlantic White Shark Conservancy's Program Director. Michelle is a scientific communicator, conservationist, and zoologist that has studied behavioural ecology across the world. From white sharks to wader birds, Michelle's career has focused on the importance of predators in healthy ecosystems. She's an experienced southern ocean skipper, avid birder, and freshly qualified diver.